We’re turning this story into a short film! Want us to do the same for yours?

Mythraeum is a small production and publication LLC with a focus on mythology.

We hold short story contests based on mythology every two months. Once a year, we’re producing one of the six winning contest entries as a short film.

The short story contests themselves are free, and have awarded $100 each so far. However, the next one we’re running will be for $300. Subscribe to “Contest Announcements” at Mythraeum to be notified of the next contest! It’ll be posted by July 5.

Our first film project is called “Heat,” and is based on the short story found here. Production photos are below! It’s the first short film I personally have ever done and it was a lot of fun. I decided to start with one of my own short stories, so writers would feel more confident that we wouldn’t butcher their work on screen.  (No promises.)

(Just kidding. Promises. I worked with a kickass cast and film crew who really know their stuff. Check them out at D&O Studios.)

If you click the link above to read the short story, you’ll notice “Heat” isn’t about a myth or specific archetype. That’s because the full concept for Mythraeum only crystallized in my mind after I was well into pre-production for the movie. (That’s the freaking muse for ya’ huh?)

So check out the production pics below, and I hope you enter the next mythic short story contest. It’s a lot of fun to read everyone’s entries! And yours could be the one we pick for our next movie. 🙂

You can also follow us on Facebook, where we give away mythic schwag and post about myths, symbols, writing tips, and more. Follow us there and enter the current giveaway of a hand-painted Egyptian papyrus!

Love, L. Marrick


Heat Pix 2

Me talking to our lead actress, Cassie.


enhance 1

A night scene!


Heat Pix 1

Our cinematographer Brekon filming our supporting actress Linda.


enhance 3

We got locked out of our green room . . . where all the food and gear was! Fortunately the D&O guys could climb over and unlock the door with a boom pole. 🙂


enhance 8

Cassie and Joey (who played the role of Radian). Joey flew in from Minnesota for the film.


enhance 7

Beautiful colors in this scene, filmed during “magic hour” between sunset and dark.


We worked this production with a skeleton crew and filmed over four days in early June. I can’t wait to share it with you all!

But first the footage has to go through several rounds of editing and sound design, and then I have to negotiate with SAG to be sure we have the rights to showcase the film on the internet. Not sure what that will entail yet, but I’ll keep you updated.


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